Speed to lead

Connect Convolo to your Web Forms and Facebook Lead Forms to make sure every qualified lead gets a call within 1 minute.

When we discuss speed to lead, we discuss closing the gap between a customer knocking on your door and that door swinging open.
You need to get that door open fast. You want a qualified and informed person to greet your customer when it does open.

Imagine you are looking for a product in the city. You walk into a store and tell the salesperson what you want. They tell you they can help you if you give them some information. Then, they walk away.
If they come back to you in seven days, seven hours, even seven minutes later; of course, you have already left to find better, faster service.

Convolo can drive sales to your door in less than a minute. Your staff will be better informed and prepared. You will be utilizing every moment - and that efficiency is going to save you money from day one. Speed to lead is an underrated concept for sales teams to consider. However, it’s crucial. In such a competitive market and with so many options available, sometimes being the first to respond is all it takes. So, make sure you’re using the best sales enablement tools on your website to optimize your speed to lead.

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