SearchInform protects a company from confidential information leakage, controls data at rest and data in transit. Monitors all popular data transfer channels, analyzes information, detects and prevents violation, provides reports to a person in charge.  

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Risk and compliance management.

Internal threat mitigation platform.


Solution in the cloud.


Why SearchInform?


SearchInform provides a comprehensive approach to internal monitoring by extending a DLP solution and blending two powerful concepts: incident prevention and internal threat mitigation. The instruments for internal threat mitigation and insider risk identification protect your business from financial and reputation losses caused by internal threats. The amount of data an average company stores is huge. And some of this data contains confidential information: personal and financial data, specifications, drawings, etc. Each group of sensitive data must be stored, processed and distributed in accordance with the corresponding rules. SearchInform FileAuditor is a DCAP solution for automated audit of information storages, search for access violations and tracking changes made to critical data.


Internal threat mitigation platform.

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Key Features


Protects confidential information from leakage during storage, use and transfer.

Takes control of remote access and virtualization tools (TeamViewer, RAdmin, RDP) .

Facilitates software and hardware inventorying. 

Encrypts data to prevent it from being used outside the company.

Reports irregular events within the network, such as copying data to removable storage devices or deleting a large number of files.