Acronis is an all-in-one data protection and cybersecurity platform thar enables MSPs to offer more client services.

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Backup & Recovery.  


Why Acronis?


Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud unites backup and next-generation, AI-based anti-malware, antivirus, and endpoint protection management in one solution. Integration and automation provide unmatched ease for service providers — reducing complexity while increasing productivity and decreasing operating costs.

Acronis' on-premises and cloud backup and recovery software products have the reputation of being user-friendly, stable and innovative. Its software has been designed to use a minimal amount of CPU and memory, and can also be written to up to five different destinations, including storage arrays, the cloud and tape. This gives administrators greater flexibility with regard to mixing and matching media and destination types within their data backups.

Acronis Cloud Storage provides DR by storing backups in one of Acronis' more than 14 cloud data centers. Acronis Cloud Storage is integrated with Acronis Backup, so a business can perform offsite cloud backup in addition to local backups.

The Acronis Cloud supports the back up of disks, partitions, servers, data and mobile devices. It then provides recovery of files, folders, applications or an entire system.

Acronis Active Protection provides ransomware protection, detecting suspicious changes to data, backup files and the backup application. Customers receive an alert and can recover from a point in time before a ransomware attack. The technology incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning, and it is compatible with antimalware products.

The world’s best backup and recovery

Full-image and file-level backup and recovery to safeguard workloads on more than 20 platforms – with near-zero RPOs and RTOs.


With protection management built for MSPs

Integrates data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint management into a single solution with centralized management. Seamless integration with RMM and PSA systems.


Enhanced with essential cyber protection at no cost

Аdvanced AI-based behavioral detection engine stops malware, ransomware, and zero-day attacks on client workloads.


All-in-one Cyber Protection. 

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Key Features


Backup & Recovery



Disaster Recovery (DR) 

File Sync