Astram provides Quality management, Inspection management, Asset management and Electronic Databook management Software.

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Astram Provides


Quality Management.

Inspection Management.


Asset Management.


Why Astram?


Astram provides a niche platform to Perform and Stand-out in today’s competitive world. It comes with numerous benefits that are accessible on-the-go from desktops, tablets and smartphones and is an ideal solution for small, mid-sized and large organization both government and private.

ASTRAM offers a value-packed workflow split into multiple tracks that to enable the tracking of the quality and compliance of any organisation.

The application is designed to help you address industry challenges and make the most of your workforce’s time productive. Each of the modules in ASTRAM are linked to the Quality Management System.

ASTRAM allows you to customize your experience and workflow. You may chose the entire suite of solution offered by ASTRAM or may choose to implement any of the four modules fitting your requirements.

Managing Inspection of assets and conforming to the recommendations of the Inspector is one of the most important and critical task of any organization for being compliant as well as to ensure a safe work environment for the employees and the society at large.

ASTRAM’s Inspection Management workflow has been designed in consultation with the subject matter experts of the various industry; and yet we strive to listen to any constructive feedback and implement the suggestions to make is better each day.

Our Inspection Management System is loaded with a bouquet of amazing functionalities to cater to needs of different industry.

Depending on the size of the organization and the nature of business a mid-cap organization may have more than a few hundred machineries and tools supported by millions of parts indispensable for the proper functioning of the assembly line.

It’s imperative for any organization to manage the lifecycle of an asset starting from planning a purchase to maintenance to dispose based on performance and inspection reports. The comprehensive workflow of ASTRAM integrating QMS, Inspection and Asset management provides a complete control to organization over management of assets.


ASTRAM offers the most comprehensive platform in the industry.

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Key Features

Easy to Use

Preapproved inspecting agencies and inspector.

Reduced Paperwork

Green Solution– lower cost – no storage issues.

Digital Records

Instant access and reporting with images included.


Enables effective preventative maintenance programs.


Required repairs are tracked to completion and fully documented with images as proof of repair.


Improves safety and reduces liability risk.