Bi-directionally connect your work across multiple work management systems, in real-time. Experience a frictionless collaboration across internal teams and company borders.

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No risk of synchronizing confidential information

No worries about changes on the other tools affecting yours


No risk of another admin messing up the sync on your system


Why Exalate?


Exalate is an integration solution that synchronizes data bi-directionally between multiple issue trackers, ticketing systems, CRMs, or task management systems.  Exalate is the most powerful integration app that provides limitless flexibility and ultimate control. Built to create a seamless collaboration between teams across Jira instances, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Monday.com, Azure DevOps, Zendesk, Github and other trackers. Exalate uses a Groovy-based scripting engine that helps to define the synchronization behavior. One can filter what data to send and how to apply incoming data. It is possible to map fields between instances or transform data from one type of field type to another. Exalate enables users to implement even  the most complex case in scripting mode.   

Exalate has been built to ensure that all changes are applied in case of failure or upgrades through the advanced transactional engine feature. The Exalate issue network is a network of companies sharing issues, powered by a security feature that gives complete  control over shared data. Instead of using email or telephone calls, issue trackers are directly connected to each other so that information can be shared in a seamless way. 


Exalate allowing you to keep complete autonomous control over both outgoing and incoming information.

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Key Features

Bi-or-uni directionally synchronize work management system.

Flexible work synchronization tool.

Go-to app for decentralized integration.