Inventory & MRP

Maximize your warehouse efficiency.

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Inventory App

Scan products in your warehouse using the barcode scanner. Control your dashboards and track orders wherever you are.

Control incoming products and compare to what was ordered from the supplier.

Design your own product routes to automate transfer orders between warehouses or locations.

Easily manage a single inventory or a complex multi-warehouses environment by activating features on demand.


Use the simple transfer interface to move products from one location to another.   

Your customer can track their order status into the customer portal: orders, invoices, delivery order status, etc.


Modern online warehouse management software. 

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Manufacturing App

Manage your products into assembly lines or manual assembly.

Set a Bill of Materials within another in order to manufacture components of a product in another Bill of Materials.

Store plans and worksheet directly on bill of materials and routings.

Keep track of availability of items in stock and production time.

Using the Kit feature, your salesperson will be able to sell products that will be delivered as a set of components to assemble.

Get a full upstream traceability report on the components used during the manufacturing process.


   Modern solution to an old problem.

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Odoo PLM harnesses the power of an enterprise social network to help you communicate more efficiently across multiple departments. 

With Odoo PLM, you can work on several versions of the same BoM in parallel and apply only the differences to manage multiple changes.

Track versions of products and ECO's as well as their respective documents. 

Pass information to manufacturing with triggered alerts on worksheets or work center control panels.


Easily get differences between versions to track changes.


Store plans and worksheet directly on bill of materials and routings.



Product lifecycle management for modern companies.

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Purchase App

Launch purchase tenders, integrate vendor's answers in the process and compare propositions. Choose the best offer and send purchase orders easily. 

Add a custom message to your suppliers for each of the RfQs sent.


Keep track of orders that have been created for a date in the future.

Buy goods from a supplier at a negotiated price, on a recurring basis during a specific period of time.


Keep track of your stock and determine quantity and locations for each batch of items you receive.

Use predefined dashboards or build your own with the advanced reporting engine Share filters with the team.


Improve your supply chain & inventory performance.

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Maintenance App

Trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs.

Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the control center panel.

The manufacturing department can trigger maintenance requests directly from their work center control panel.

Schedule maintenance operations with a calendar.

Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: MTBF.

Use automatically computed statistics including MTBF and MTBR to fine tune your preventive maintenance rules and reduce the risk of equipment failure.


Maintenance software for modern manufacturers.

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Quality App

Automatically trigger quality checks for the manufacturing department.

Deploy your statistical process control easily with checks.

Quality checks and alerts are fully integrated with your manufacturing and inventory operations.

Organize your work using the kanban view of quality alerts.


Drag and drop alerts to report progress and use visual indicators to focus on critical alerts.

Define quality control plans to trigger quality checks at specific inventory operations or manufacturing operations.


Quality management for modern manufactures.

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