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Messenger based sales CRM.

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Boost sales with messaging apps.

Unified inbox for startups & SMBs.


Drive more leads to sales.


Why Kommo CRM?


Kommo CRM is a web-hosted CRM aimed at enterprises of all sizes. The CRM is marketed as lead and sales management app, the software allows sales and marketing teams to track a lead from the first contact through to sales completion.

Kommo CRM automates most of the work of managing the sales funnel. Features to help with automation include sales reports, business card scanning and two-way email sync. These features help users keep track of all contacts and leads, ensuring that no sales are lost due to inefficiencies or lead mishandling. Kommo CRM also includes the option to make calls through its web-based app.

Kommo CRM gives you the opportunity to leverage the tool you need at the moment you need it. Whether its email, phone or chat messaging, you can connect with leads and customers via their preferred communication method in just one click. And all your interactions are unified in a single centralized feed that captures the whole history of your relationship, so you only need to look in one place when searching for that one important message.


The world's first messaging powered CRM.

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Key Features

Full Integration With Messaging Apps

Power your sales with messaging.

Easy To Use Pipeline Management

Drive more leads to sales.

Mobile CRM

Close leads wherever you are.

All Communication Tools Combined

Grab the tool that fits the situation. 

Sales Automation

Put your sales on automode.

Collaboration & Messaging

Built-in team messaging.

Chat bot builder

Provide superior service, no human required.

Sales analytics

Base your decisions on data.