Amplify your marketing.

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Marketing Automation App

Segment your database easily with a clean widget using a combination of demographic and behavioral attributes. 

See how your campaign is performing with KPIs such as open rate, bounce rate, clicks and deliverability.

Automate SMSs for more personal interaction.

Create and customize workflows with a visual interface to better envision your customer journey.


Before activating your campaign, run your workflow on a test contact to view the sequence of events in action.

Use pre-made building blocks to create your emails. Start from scratch or use our 10 themes.


 Put your business on autopilot.

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Email Marketing App

Pick one of our awesome themes and change the layout of your email according to your taste without losing time starting from scratch.

Specify an email to which the recipient can reply by clicking on the “Reply to” button from his inbox.

Track last 24 hours undelivered emails, and get notified why they failed.

Send a sample of your mailing to selected email addresses to get a preview before actually launching it to your whole mailing list.


Keep track of all emails sent and stock them in Odoo’s database.

Send your email to a fraction of your email list.


Design emails with just a few drag & drops.

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Social Marketing App

Directly send or schedule posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Get an accurate list of your website's visitors, and reach them via email, SMS, push notifications, or Live Chat requests.

Track the journey of a link from a post, and get instant information about how much revenue that link generated, as to how many leads.

Add streams, like Facebook and Twitter, to your dashboard to monitor your accounts, interact with your community, and get insights.

Engage in conversation with one or more of your website's visitors. 



Send web push notifications to your website's subscribed visitors.



Manage Social Media, Web Push Notifications, and Live Chat.

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Events App

Create landing pages, agendas, speakers bios, calls-to-action, images, links and much more in just a few clicks. 

Drag and drop building blocks into place, and share your speakers and agenda information with attendees and prospects. 

Configure automated invoicing, cancellation policies, specific prices for members and sale conditions like early bird for your event.

Allow visitors to submit talks and speakers on your event websites. Organize the validation process of every talk. 


Get keyword suggestions according to Google most searched terms and improve your SEO.

Manage calendar of events, multiple locations and organizers. 


Manage on-site & online events.

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Surveys App

All information provided from the surveys is automatically assigned to the matching entry in your fully integrated database.

Seamless integration with Odoo CRM.

The host manages the pace of the session, and participants can see the results and ranking live.

Access your database from the survey tool and share your polls in no time for fast response gathering.


Use the Analyze feature to get real time results and charts.


Use premade building blocks to structure your survey.


Improve the performance of your organization with Odoo Surveys.

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SMS Marketing App

Import your contacts to Odoo from any CSV or Excel document.

Schedule a time and date for your campaign and let Odoo send messages automatically at the right time.

Track last undelivered SMSs and get notified why they failed.

Select the contacts in your database and target your customers and leads as your campaigns’ recipients.

Get real-time statistics on SMS performance: delivery rate, click rate, bounce rate.

The recipients of a contact list can unsubscribe from the list with a link included in the messages.


A powerful SMS marketing tool.

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