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Discuss App

Get instant access to the latest discussed topics in your company and keep track of the conversations you follow. 

Star messages with important content to easily find them back in the Starred list.

Invite participants in private groups and restrict access to channels to a selected group of employee. 

Create direct discussions with other employees, and create private discussion groups.  

See what colleagues are up to by checking if they are online, offline, away or out of the office.  

Choose to send messages by email allowing a channel to behave as a mailing list.


Enhance team communication.

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Approval App

Save time managing
your employees’ requests.

Everything in one place.

Select a person who needs to approve each request, even if it’s not a manager.

Easily create the approval types that fit your needs with an intuitive configurator.  

Ask your employees for the information that you need before approving any request.


Easily manage your employees' requests

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IoT App

Connect the IoT Box and the devices you need to your database in no time, no technical expertise required.

With the IoT Box, devices are fully integrated with existing business processes, boosting your productivity.

Devices can be connected through  Wifi Bluetooth USB  or  HDMI .



The IoT Box allows you to connect external devices to your Odoo database.



Many devices are compatible with the Odoo IoT box

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VoIP App

Set up and start making calls in just a few steps.

All your devices will ring when someone calls your number.

Integrate with VoIP providers that support the SIP protocol. 

Handle calls directly from your web browser or in Odoo’s mobile app.


Log notes, send messages to your customers, and schedule activities while you're on a call.

Integrates with apps like CRM, Sales, Helpdesk, Invoicing, and more


Odoo VoIP seamlessly integrates with Odoo apps for maximum productivity at an affordable price.

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