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Project App

Mobile-friendly. Track projects and tasks easily on the move. Stay connected, always.

Manage tasks on a timeline with the Gantt chart view. The easiest way to track deadlines and timeline progress.

Work on single or multiple projects at the same time. Perform multi-project analysis and searches.

Customize the process of every project, rename stages and alerts according to your own activities, automate emails, etc.

Track the expected and effective hours to re-forecast tasks.

Do not lose track of the work that needs to get done, streamline processes between teams creating projects or tasks from sales orders.


Agile project management.

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Timesheet App

Choose to log your activities at the beginning of the day, on the fly or after your work is done.

Your tasks will keep running no matter where you are, even if internet connectivity is not available.

Get statistics about billable hours, billable amount, uninvoiced amounts, etc.

Easily change Sales Orders item to which timesheets are linked. Remaining hours are shown in the name of the task when encoding timesheets.

Activate a periodical email reminder for timesheet users to create a timesheet or to approve it for managers.

Easily review your employee’s performance by measuring the profitability of their projects.


Get things done as fast as you can think.

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Field Service App

All the tools you need are gathered in a single app. No need to switch from one app to another at each step of your workflow.

A fast user interface designed for modern project management. Get all the information you need wherever you need it.

View your next appointments on a map, get more information by clicking on a task, and directly find the itinerary.

Manage everything easily on the move, from a single app, everywhere.



Track your working time directly from the task’s menu with the integrated timer, and invoice it automatically.


Create all kinds of reports for your tasks, based on the measures, filters, and time ranges that you want.



Deliver excellent services to your customers everywhere.

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Helpdesk App

You can create different teams to assign tickets to, and for each team you can create a unique email alias, which customers can contact directly.  

You can interact with your customers via the Live Chat and instantly create a ticket directly via the chat window. 

If you notice that a customer has mentioned an issue on an external channel such as a forum, Twitter, or Facebook, you can manually create tickets in the system and get started right away.

Tickets can be assigned automatically balanced amongst team members, randomly, or manually.

Get a full overview of all your tickets with the Helpdesk dashboard and keep track of your performance and success rate.

Customers can provide feedback on their customer experience in just a click by using the customer rating system.


Agile Helpdesk for great customer service.

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Planning App

Display your shifts on a calendar, Gantt chart or list view, and group them the way you want.

Copy all the shifts from the previous week and reorganize what needs to be adjusted.

Create all kinds of reports, based on the measures, filters and time ranges that you want.

Create and manage shifts, assign them to several employees, and choose a color to get a clear and easily understandable schedule.

Send your employees their respective schedules.


Your employees can assign themselves open shifts through their portals or on the app.


With great planning comes great execution.

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Appointments App

Let your customers schedule meeting in just a few clicks, based on their availabilities.

Create your personal meeting link and let your prospect choose between your available timeslots.

Efficiently qualify new leads with custom questions in the appointment process.

Let customers reschedule in a click, automate reminders, sync with teams calendars, etc. 

Setup custom appointment duration, availability and padding between appointments.

Assign meetings to the right person based on languages, type of request and people availabilities.


Manage meetings online. Automate your scheduling process.

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